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Rabbit Grooming

Rabbit Grooming & Care

Why not book the rabbit into our professional dog grooming salon and let us sort out their coat. Some vets will suggest sedation prior to the clipping, which enables them to strip the rabbit down very quickly and reduces the stress factor for the bunny concerned. However, rabbits can get used to routines and if they need to be stripped down regularly some will soon learn to sit still and put up with it. Not all dog grooming salons will clip rabbits, so look no further than K9 Heaven for a professional service.

Before You Consider Getting Your Rabbit Clipped

you need to bear in mind what time of year it is, as an angora that is kept outside will really feel the cold if you strip it down to the wood in the middle of winter! If the rabbit is kept inside, this is not so much of an issue. Also, don’t necessarily expect to get the whole rabbit done in one sitting, as some rabbits will only tolerate ten minutes or so of de-matting, others will lie comfortably for half an hour or more. It is best to split the task into manageable sessions, rather than risk stressing the rabbit too much and ending up with gut stasis or other stress-related condition.

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